Hope Valley Heat Basketball
Basketball is just the Beginning


Hope Valley Heat is a faith based club located out of Hope Valley Church. Basketball is just the beginning as we value relationships, a sense of belonging, respect, fair-play, positive attitude and hard-work.  Hope Valley HEAT values.

We are run by volunteers and seek to involve all who are connected to the club.  We currently have 17 Hope Valley Heat Basketball teams and they are all FULL for the Winter 2022 Season

Training Venues
HVC - Hope Valley Church | 1263 Grand Junction Road, Hope Valley SA
TVCS - Torrens Valley Christian School | 1227 Grand Junction Road, Hope Valley SA


Under 8B Boys (Chris) 5:00 PM HVC
Under 8A Boys (Kym) 5:45 PM HVC
Under 16 Girls (Kynan) 8:00 AM HVC
Under 12C Boys (Dave H) 5.30 PM HVC
Under 16B Boys (Beau) 4:00 PM TVCS
Under 18 Boys (Dave G) 5:15 PM TVCS
Under 16A Boys (Jwoo) 5:15 PM TVCS
Under 14A Boys (Kynan) 4:00 PM HVC
Under 10C Boys - (Adam) 5.00 PM HVC
Under 12 Girls (Adam) 5.45 PM HVC
Under 14 Girls (Leanne) 6.30 PM HVC
Under 12A Boys (Jon) 3.45 PM HVC
Under 10A Boys (Jon) 4.30 PM HVC
Under 10B Boys (Stu) 5.15 PM HVC
Under 10 Girls (Danny) 6.00 PM HVC
Under 14B Boys (Danny) 6.30 PM HVC
Under 12B Boys (Dave G) 4.00 PM HVC

If you require a new HEAT uniform please come to the church preferably on a Wednesday (9am - 4pm). Heather or Tracey will be able to assist with sizing from our spare uniforms.
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Hope Valley Heat Merchandise
Order online - currently CLOSED

It's happening...we have Hope Valley Heat Merchandise. 
Our merchandise will ONLY be ordered once payment is received. Please click here to download a page of all items currently available and a size guide. 
Red training tops are for junior U8 - U12 and Navy training tops are for seniors U14 - U18.

Please note names printed on merchandise will be checked for suitability and spelling by the Hope Valley Basketball Executive.  Surnames ONLY on hoodies. First Name, Surname or Suitable Nickname may be printed on training tops.

Merchandise Samples. Size Guide
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Hope Valley Heat