Welcome to Hope Valley Church

At Hope Valley Church we believe that

There is one God revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ, Son of God, who took on our humanity, is the crucified, risen Lord. He lives and reigns forever and calls all people into a personal relationship and to follow him in faithful obedience. Faith is awakened, enlightened and strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

Although created in the image of God, humankind has become estranged from God and from God's ways. Salvation from sin is by God’s freely given love and favour alone through faith in God’s reconciling act in the death of Christ on a cross.

The Bible is the unique testimony of humankind’s encounter with God, in which we hear God speak, and by which our faith and obedience are nourished and regulated.

The Church is a body of which Christ is the head. It is a world-wide fellowship of believers, a pilgrim people on the way towards the promised goal of the Kingdom of God.

The church, by its very nature, is called into mission in which every Christian is called to participate. The mission includes the call to personal faith, ministry of healing, deeds of kindness and addressing injustice. Such mission is expressed both locally and globally.

We are called to celibacy in singleness and loving faithfulness between a man and woman in marriage.

Baptism is the sign of new life in Jesus Christ. We are baptised into union with Christ and called to his ministry in the world. We baptise those who confess the Christian faith, and/or their children who are presented for baptism and for whose instruction and nourishment in the faith the Church takes responsibility.

In Holy Communion we celebrate Christ’s death and his continuing presence. We have communion with our Saviour, grow together in Christ, are strengthened for our participation in the mission of Christ in the world and, giving praise and thanks, rejoice in the foretaste of the coming Kingdom of God.

The Spirit of God equips the church by supplying diverse gifts, and empowers believers to continue the ministry of Christ..

In God’s timing, Jesus Christ will come again to bring about the fulfilment of all things within God’s purposes.

Values Driven

We are a local church who connect people to God and to each other through our onsite and online ministries.

We believe that belonging is just the beginning to a life of significance and purpose. If you are wondering what it is that we value around Hope Valley Church we stand on these four:

Heart for God’s Mission - what is on God’s heart is on our heart.

Open to God’s Word - timeless wisdom and fresh insight on what God is revealing and teaching us and His world.

Practical Service - a bias towards action that helps meet the needs of others.

Excellent Relationships - a commitment to the beauty of what we call “New Testament Community”. 

Pathways Guided

For more information on how to connect, grow and serve at Hope Valley Church.

Hope Valley Church Pathways

Come and Visit us

Located in the north-east suburbs of Adelaide, we are blessed to have a great space to worship God and to connect with His people.

1263 Grand Junction Road
HOPE VALLEY, South Australia